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Mission Trails – 3 Barrels to Toad’s Wild Ride

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DISCLAIMER:  As of 1/18/16 Parts of East Elliot under Highway 52 are CLOSED to Mountain Biking.  The closed trails are marked but are not easily seen at times.  This includes the climb out of Toad’s Wild Ride through Steel Tread.  You may be ticketed and your bike confiscated by the Military Police.  Ride at your own risk.  

Difficulty:  Beginner/Intermediate

Length of Ride: app. 10 Miles
Estimated time to ride: About 1.5 Hours

Description:  Start this trail in the East Fortuna Parking Lot of Mission Trails.  The trails starts as a gravel road which leads into the Grasslands Area of Mission Trails.  From the Grasslands area you’ll head right (North) towards the big bridge for Highway 52.  Shortly after you cross underneath the bridge you’ll take a left onto an offshoot of the fire road.  Take the 2nd trail entrance you see on the right to lead you into the single track.

How to Get There:

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Mission Trails

Mission Trails

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