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Mountain Bike Rentals

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Looking to exchange the concrete jungle and explore the unseen side of San Diego? We’ve got some amazing trails around Downtown and all over the city that’ll help you recharge, away from the gridlock and daily grind.

We can also arrange a mountain bike delivery at your home, office or hotel to help you escape right now. As long as you have all the right gear (helmets etc.) then you can start right away! If you don’t then check out these Sauserwind MTB accessories reviews to find the right equipment for you. Either way, give us a ring to learn more.

Basic - Santa Cruz 5010 (27.5", Aluminum Frame, 130mm travel)
Intermediate - Santa Cruz Bronson (27.5", Aluminum Frame, 160/150mm f/r travel/
Expert - Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon R (29", Carbon Frame, 150/140mm f/r travel)



1 Day Cost: $80 2 Day Cost: $140 3 Day Cost: $200 4 Day Cost: $260 Weekly Cost: $330


1 Day Cost: $100 2 Day Cost: $180 3 Day Cost: $260 4 Day Cost: $340 Weekly Cost: $420


1 Day Cost: $120 2 Day Cost: $210 3 Day Cost: $310 4 Day Cost: $410 Weekly Cost: $500

Start Your Mountain Bike Rental

Sniff Out Trails Like a Local

We’ve been riding the San Diego trails since we were kids. After coming into the shop, we won’t have to tell you that’s been a long time. Reap the benefits of all this local knowledge and cycling expertise today. Whether you want to hit the trails quickly and be back for happy hour, or disappear into the mountainous ether of a sunset over the Pacific, we’ve got you covered.

Come by the shop today to talk trails and trade stories, we’re here 7 days a week.

Latest Mountain Bikes on the Trails

If we’re going to put you in the middle of nowhere, we better make sure you can find your way back. More importantly, we have to know the bike will withstand the journey ahead. We stock only the latest mountain bikes to ensure you have the best ride below you.

Because we strive to keep the latest and greatest mountain bikes in our arsenal of rentals, we have a lightning-fast turnover rate. This is good news if you’re looking to make a purchase because our used bike shop is packed to the gills.

Customize Your Adventure and Your Bike

We want your journey to be memorable and inspiring. What this means to us is that the trail you choose to ride is just as important as the bike you’re riding. Thanks to our experience in the bike shop and on the SD trails, we not select the appropriate bike, but also like to fit our riders with the right trail. We want to help match you to a trail that will provide the challenge and adventure you’re seeking without getting in over your head.

Swing by the shop today, pick up your bike and gear and we’ll help you find the perfect trail.

Head for the Hills Today

Exchange your commute on the crowded streets for the open expanse of a San Diego trail this weekend.

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