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When you are ready to rent a bike in San Diego, there are three things you should consider before you head into the shop that will help make your decision easier:

Once you have these three questions nailed down, you’ll be ready to find the right bike shop to meet your needs and start your adventure. Below we’ll help you answer these questions in greater detail, or give us a ring if you’d prefer to speak with an experienced rider from our team.

Our Most Popular Ride – The City Bike

Most of our customers are looking for a smooth ride and easy way to get around downtown San Diego. If this sounds like you, then a commuter bike is what you’re after. These bikes are our most popular rentals, and help our customers get around the city without a car, escape the traffic, and explore the urban sprawl as few people do.

City Bike
Performance City Bike



1 Hour Cost: $10 4 Hour Cost: $18 1 Day Cost: $25 2 Day Cost: $35 3 Day Cost: $45 4 Day Cost: $55 Weekly Cost: $75

Performance City/Commuter

1 Hour Cost: $12 4 Hour Cost: $20 1 Day Cost: $40 2 Day Cost: $55 3 Day Cost: $70 4 Day Cost: $85 Weekly Cost: $100

Beach Cruisers

1 Hour Cost: $8 4 Hour Cost: $13 1 Day Cost: $20 2 Day Cost: $30 3 Day Cost: $40 4 Day Cost: $50 Weekly Cost: $70

Rent a Commuter Bike today.   

If you’re looking for a different kind of ride, check out our mountain bike selection or road bike selection.

Or, if you’re still not sure what sort of bike you need, read on.

Where will you be riding?

The type of bike you’ll want for your rental all depends on where you’re headed. We believe we’ve got the best mountain bikes and commuter bikes on the road. But beyond the quality of our bikes, we want to understand where you are going so we can provide you with the right type of bike to optimize your riding experience.

Does the bike shop stock the latest, greatest bikes?

You wouldn’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, trail or otherwise, so any San Diego bike shop is going to make sure you have a quality bike to ride. But, what about feeling good about the ride and knowing you’re on the best bike on the road? Or that you’re putting all the latest technology to use with the bike rental?

We are obsessed with the latest innovations when it comes to bikes, mountain or commuter. We want you to be too, which is why we stock the newest series of bikes available. To help us keep the best bikes on the road, we cycle through our bikes frequently and keep our used bike shop packed to the gills.

What is included with the bike rental?

There are plenty of great places to rent a bike in San Diego. But one of the best ways to figure out if they are committed to your safety and enjoyment during the ride is by checking out the loot you get with the rental.

While you want to make sure you’re prepared for the adventure ahead, you also don’t want to be overloaded. We’ve been at this for years, and have found that providing our riders with the following items, they are free to focus on the ride because they know they are prepared for whatever the road or trail throws their way.

On-Line Reservations

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Please plan accordingly.

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