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The Bike Revolution San Diego’s Bike Rental Resource

Want an easy way to get around Downtown? Need to maintain the training regimen while away on work or vacation? Hope to see a different side of San Diego?

We’ve got you covered.

The Bike Revolution is your one-stop shop for bike rentals in Downtown San Diego. Every rental at our shop comes with:

  • Bike sized to fit to your needs
  • Helmet
  • Repair Kit
  • Bike Lock
  • Map & Guidance from our Experienced Team

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Mountain Bike Rentals

Mountain Biking San Diego

San Diego has some amazing trails to explore that are only a short distance from Downtown. Our team has the mountain bike selection and knowledge of local trails you’ll need to truly get away and push yourself to the limit.

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Road Bike Rentals

Road Biking San Diego

Downtown is a popular destination for work trips and vacation, but sitting in traffic to get out of town is a drag. Spend less time in the car and cruise up Coast Highway, East through the mountains, or through Downtown San Diego with the latest road bikes for rent.

Get Yourself Ready for the Open Road

Used Bike Sales

Like the Ride? Take it Home

We live and breathe all things bike, which is why we pride ourselves on housing the latest models and bike technology available. Because we strive for the grinding edge of innovation at The Bike Revolution, we’ve always got an amazing collection of bikes for sale.

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Full-Service Bike Shop

San Diego's Full Service Bike Shop

Need help fixing a flat or just want to talk shop with some local riders? We love tinkering in our shop and our garages as much as we love being on the road and our local trails. What else would we do between custom fittings for bike rentals?

We’ve got over 25 years of combined experience; if we can’t figure it out, no one can.

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Where to Ride

Steelbridge Mountain Bike Ride San Diego

Whether you want to cruise the boardwalk in Bird Rock or bomb Palomar Mt., we’ve got you covered. Come by the shop to talk with our team and they’ll fill you in on all the details for your next adventure.

Ready to hit the road right now? We’ve curated some of the best rides around all of San Diego.

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Who We Are

The Gaslamp District San Diego

Over the last 15 years at The Bike Revolution shop, we’ve seen everything San Diego has to offer. Our biggest concern? Understanding your motivation for adventure of a different type in San Diego so we can make it happen.

Regardless of experience, we’re here to help you get on the right bike and the best trails around in 5 easy steps.

Why The Bike Revolution is the Place...

Latest Blog Entries

Closed Until Further Notice

As the city and state governments work to contain the COVIND-19 virus outbreak, we are following suite, abiding by the California state mandate to safeguard our employees and customers and closing the shop until further notice.

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Eat Right… for your Bike Ride

We have expanded our selection of nutrition – whether its energy and hydration for the ride or the recovery after, we got you covered. Come in and check it out. We recently added two flavors of SIS Sport Energy Supplement – Berry and Tutti Frutti.

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Vandalized But Still Open for Business

Sometime during the previous night, someone with ill-intent decide to break our glass door. A small hole was observed in the upper corner, but it was enough to shatter the entire piece of glass. Thankfully the tempered glass cracked but held together. After discovering the damage, prior to opening the shop, the police were called […]

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